Accelerating Growth: Incentives Campaign on Ref Finance Liquidity Pools and Burrow’s Stable Assets on NEAR Protocol

With a newcomer to Near: Frax Finance

Ref Finance
2 min readMar 14, 2024

In a strategic move aimed at boosting NEAR Protocol’s activity and attracting crypto traders, liquidity has been added to boost Ref Finance liquidity pools and Burrow’s stable assets. The primary objective is to drive heightened engagement within the NEAR ecosystem.

The liquidity injection campaign will unfold gradually over the next few months, ensuring sustained activity levels and expansion into ecosystems beyond NEAR. Excitingly, the inclusion of FRAX is set to further diversify and strengthen the NEAR Protocol’s ecosystem. Stay tuned as we execute these strategic initiatives, propelling NEAR towards increased liquidity and broader market presence. A core element of this paradigm shift lies in the strategic utilization of liquidity incentives, offering users the means to augment liquidity on essential pools within the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or venturing into the crypto domain for the first time, Ref Finance offers an accessible platform. Users can seamlessly contribute to liquidity pools, unlocking enticing rewards and actively participating in the ongoing evolution of decentralized finance. It’s a space where trading efficiency meets dynamic liquidity, opening doors to a plethora of opportunities.

At the heart of Ref’s and Burrow’s strategy is a focus on constant product market makers, a nuanced approach in navigating the complexities of substantial asset positions. This involves the execution of statistical arbitrages based on market signals, employing sophisticated stochastic optimal control tools.

Our research journey takes us deep into the Uniswap v3 data, unraveling the intricate dynamics of price, liquidity, and trading costs. This foundation sets the stage for the development of two distinct strategies. The first strategy hinges on dynamic pricing in competing venues, assuming a constant liquidity environment within the AMM. Conversely, the second strategy operates under the assumption of efficient AMM prices, coupled with stochastic liquidity.

The culmination of our endeavours involves rigorous in-sample estimations of model parameters and out-of-sample demonstrations of liquidation and arbitrage strategies. Through this, we showcase the strong performance and innovative effectiveness of our approaches, contributing to the ongoing narrative of reshaping the future of trading within the decentralized finance landscape, more precisely, reactive DeFi on Near.


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Ref Finance

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