How to Bridge from Celo to NEAR: Allbridge User Guide

  • A Celo Wallet, and some $Celo to pay the gas fee
    Wallet options: Metamask
  • A NEAR Wallet, with some $NEAR to pay the gas fee. If you don’t have a NEAR Wallet yet, create one using this instruction.

Step 1: Choose network and asset

Step 2: Connect to Your Celo Wallet

Step 3: Enter the recipient address and amount to transfer

Step 4: Connect to Your NEAR Wallet

Step 5: Receive assets


Q. What should I do if I accidentally turn off the receiving page?

  1. Don’t worry, if you accidentally lose connection or simply forget and turn off the computer without notice, simply reload the and you will see a pop-up that tells you what to do next.

How to Find Your Allbridge Transaction ID

Step 1: Access Celo Explorer and enter the sending address

Step 2: Find the latest transaction (or the transaction that was detected as the Allbridge transaction) and copy its signature (transaction hash)

Step 3: Access this page and paste the signature copied above

Q. What next?

  1. Welcome to the NEAR Ecosystem! The first thing to do when moving to a new city is to find the marketplace right? This is also true when you enter a new blockchain ecosystem: a Decentralized Exchange is the first place to go.
  2. Ref Finance is the gateway to the NEAR Ecosystem as the leading AMM & all-in-one DeFi Shard. Leveraging NEAR’s 1–2 second finality, low costs, as well as its user-friendly and interoperable infrastructure, Ref aims to bring DeFi one step closer to the people. Try swapping, farming, and staking on Ref Finance today at!



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