Introducing Multi-chain Liquidity Aggregation

Access to Aurora’s liquidity from Ref Finance



Behind the scenes

  1. Query trading data (price, slippage, fee, etc.) on Aurora using the Aurora’s Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  2. Find optimal route (best price) for a specified amount of Token A to Token B accross all liquidity pools on Near and Aurora
  3. Swap — Action that combines:
  • Transfer of tokens to a mapping address on Aurora via a cross-network contract call (credit to Evgeny and Vadim:
  • Swap on Aurora using the user’s Near account keys
  • Transfer of tokens from the mapping address on Aurora to the user’s Near wallet
Liquidity Aggregation: High-level Abstract

Key advantages

  • Better prices
  • Deeper liquidity and improved price impact
  • Lower trading slippage
  • Improved token accessibility/visibility

Example 1: better price

  1. Bridge ETH over to Aurora
  2. Swap ETH for NEAR on Trisolaris
  3. Bridge NEAR back to NEAR native

Example 2: improved token accessibility

  1. Swap SKYWARD for NEAR on Ref
  2. Bridge NEAR over to Aurora
  3. Swap NEAR for TRI on Trisolaris

Next step


About Ref Finance

  • Multiple pools in one contract
  • Atomic transactions
  • Customisable pool fee




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