Introducing Sauce, StableSwap Feature on Ref


  • Minimise volatility
  • Trade and save
  • Earn interest

Problem and solution

Figure 1: Comparison of StableSwap invariant with Uniswap (constant-product) and constant price invariants. The portfolio consists of coins X and Y which have the “ideal” price of 1.0. There are x = 5 and y = 5 coins loaded up initially. As x decreases, y increases, and the price is the derivative dy/dx. — [5]
  • D is the invariant
  • A is a coherent factor, which is set to 240 (can be adjusted by the DAO)
  • n is the number of stable tokens

Sauce and fee protocol upgrade

Figure 2: Ref Finance StableSwap User Interface Mockup
  • 0.04% goes to the protocol
  • 0.01% goes to potential referrals
  • 16% of the total fee goes to the protocol
  • 4% of the total fee goes to potential referrals
  • LP fee: 0.04%
  • Protocol fee: 0.008%
  • Referral fee: 0.002%


  • Swap and liquidity user guide
  • Sauce pool liquidity incentives


About Ref Finance

  • Multiple pools in a single contract
  • Ability to trade across pools atomically in a single transaction
  • Customizable swap fee per pool, giving to LPs the possibility to charge higher fees for volatile tokens




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