Meme Coin Season on Ref: Stake your Meme and Compete!

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3 min readJan 25, 2024
Kickoff campaign teams: Lonk, Neko, BlackDragon and Shitzu, all from the Near ecosystem!

Welcome to the Meme Season Staking Initiative on Ref Finance — an original meme coin focused DEX campaign, bringing a gamified aspect to DeFi. Our primary objectives are to provide robust support for meme projects on the NEAR blockchain, enhance liquidity across the ecosystem, and promote the locking of meme coins for sustainable growth and limit circulating supply, supporting price stability.

As part of this initiative, we are thrilled to distribute 125,000 REF tokens per month, matched in NEAR at the USD value (~25K USD), as a rewarding incentive for participants and pool partners. By staking their assets in their preferred community pool (single meme coin pool), participants can enjoy a new way to support their favourite meme coin project, contribute to pools and see the competitive gauge between each coin chasing one another for first place.

Call it a gamified pool contribution where everyone wins.

To enhance user experience, we’re introducing a new UI page on the Ref app under the tab Meme Season (out soon), streamlining participation and making it even more accessible. Strategically 80% goes to the farm, 20% as single token reward.

Our quarterly staking campaign serves as a mechanism to combat against price pressure and volatility, ultimately limiting the circulating supply and creating a more stable ecosystem. To amplify the impact of this initiative, each meme coin team is invited to contribute an additional amount of rewards.

The idea of this initiative is to bring back a new fun breath of fresh air on Ref Finance and in the Near Ecosystem as a whole, throwing a bit of healthy competition has never hurt anyone, on the contrary, meme coins are what typically supports a growth of an L1/L2 and its overall market visibility until new maturity levels are gained. The long term vision is to speak with meme coin teams from other ecosystems and expand partnership across different DApp ecosystems and bring new players in NEAR and vice versa. ❤

Join us on this exciting venture as we collectively elevate meme projects, fortify liquidity, and create a more resilient meme coin ecosystem. Together, let’s shape meme-fi DeFi!

Starting Teams and Start Date

Neko, Lonk, Shitzu and Blackdragon — All from native to Near ecosystem.

Start date, pools open for vote: January 29th, 2024, 3pm UTC

End date, pools close: End of Q1.

What happens at the end of each quarter?

We refill the “tank” and start a new quarterly campaign with either the same or new meme coin partners. We will provide an analytics review to show the growth success and positive impact to the wider near ecosystem from our campaign and keep on having fun!

Want to join the fun next round? Message the team on telegram or twitter!

Meme-fi DeFi! LFG ❤


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