New Pool Alert on Ref: Myriad Social

Myriad Social is launching their new pool on Ref Finance and we have good news for you, the pool will have dual rewards in $MYRIA and $REF tokens. Be sure to provide liquidity to the pool pair : MYRIA <> WNEAR, which you’ll be able to farm!

What is Myriad Social all about?

Myriad Social is the first social platform and Near Protocol and Octopus Network. Myriad Social combines social media of Web2 with the ownership features Web3 offers while permitting you to have full control of your social page as you wish to present it to others. Mix and Match your social media profile while tipping content and receiving tips.

Myriad Social launched on testnet last December 2021, in under 2 months, the platform gained 5,000 unique users, and has an ever growing social media community of 15K +.

New Pool Metrics

To encourage our community to support Myriad Social, we are proposing the following:

  • Pair: MYRIA <> wNEAR
  • Type: Double rewards $REF and $MYRIA
  • $REF: 1,597 / week
  • $MYRIA: 520,833 / week
  • Length: 60 days
  • Targeted TVL: $500K+
  • Targeted APR: 100%+

To access pools on Ref Finance, go in the Pools tab of the app, and in the search tab “input to search” write the assets you are looking for, you’ll be able to farm in this pool.

About Ref Finance

Ref Finance is a community-led, multi-purpose Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform built on NEAR Protocol.

Ref takes full advantage of NEAR’s low fees ($0.005 per swap) and one-to-two second finality.

Using the Rainbow Bridge (NEAR <> ETH), traders can utilize the billions of dollars in ERC-20-compliant assets from Ethereum, and eventually, from any chain (BSC, Polygon/Matic, Cosmos/IBC, and others) on NEAR.

Ref Finance’s first product is an automated market maker (AMM). It is similar to Uniswap, with a few changes (not limited to):

  • Multiple pools in a single contract
  • Ability to trade across pools atomically in a single transaction
  • Customizable swap fee per pool, giving to LPs the possibility to charge higher fees for volatile tokens

Make sure you are following us on Twitter for the latest news and announcements, and do make sure you join our Discord or Telegram for deeper levels of engagement with our Team and Community!


Ref Finance does not endorse or promote any of the projects, platforms or cryptocurrencies mentioned in this blogpost. Any descriptions of functionality and services provided are for information only. Ref Finance is not responsible for any loss of funds or other damages caused as a result of using the projects, platforms or cryptocurrencies described above.



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