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4 min readAug 4, 2021


Welcome (back) to Ref Finance!

Even though it’s already August, we thought it’d be a good time to lay out the roadmap for the rest of our year given our recent fair auction on Skyward where the Ref DAO successfully raised over $2.5 million USD in $NEAR, $DAI and $ETH pools.

Specifically, we were able to raise 767,464.4 $NEAR, 496,097.9 $DAI and 102.4774 $ETH.

This absolutely blew us away, and we are beyond grateful to our rapidly growing community. We understand you have been waiting a long time for us to reach new heights, and this roadmap will hopefully lay out exactly where the new heights will be. Hope to see you guys there!


Even though we are already midway through Q3 this year, we still have a ton up our sleeves as we will be focusing mainly on adding better tech products and upgrades for the remainder of this year to improve user experience and trading efficiency.

To start, our website and dApp will receive a new facelift very soon, which will bring far better usability and efficiency for people perusing on Ref. In addition, our AMM will also see drastic updates with the new design & UI/UX update. An airdrop section will be added that will allow all qualified $REF airdrop recipients to check and claim their airdrop vesting schedule and balances.

To ensure better trading efficiency, two key products will be added — including an instant swap function that allows you to swap assets without depositing and a smart route cross pool swap feature that entails a) Routing $NEAR based pools to allow for pairs like a $REF / $USDT to trade via $NEAR and b) Routing across similar pools to aggregate the lowest slippage trade.

Lastly, farming is the most anticipated feature on Ref.Finance, and our community has long anticipated DeFi yield farming activities on NEAR. We started by allocating 20,000 NEAR to reward early farmers to participate in our beta $REF / $NEAR farm, and our engineers are working to improve the farming experience based on the current feedback provided by the community. After all the farm features have been tested and adjusted, we will start $REF farming and grow crop fields and TVLs on NEAR. Users will be able to derive additional yield from their favorite NEAR asset directly on Ref.Finance and grow with us!


Moving on, Q4 will see a shift in focus as we aim to position Ref to be better integrated with other ecosystems and welcome more users. While the Rainbow Bridge from NEAR does an excellent job transporting assets to and from the Ethereum network, we will be adding support for current Metamask users to do direct depositing into Ref.Finance to even further entrench our deep relationship with Ethereum. This allows the broader ETH DeFi user to quickly and effectively utilize advantages in the NEAR Ecosystem without any friction.

To meet the demand of more professional traders, we aim to build an indexing service for Ref.Finance, that would allow effective querying of historical data points on Ref.Finance to generate charts and analytic tools to enable more comprehensive trading decisions.

Ref.Finance will also be positioned to grow with NEAR to expand our presence to a more general audience. One of the focuses before the end of this year is to integrate with one of the current fiat-on-ramp services that supports $NEAR to allow direct deposit from users who are using their credit cards.

A teaser of what we have coming up

Ref.Finance is also positioned to innovate and redefine current DeFi experiences. We believe the relationship between projects and users should be more interactive on the DeFi platform beside simple farming and trading. For example, an ad-board is a feature designed and implemented by existing community members from NEAR that fit into the current creator based culture to re-define how the DeFi experience on NEAR should be.

To wrap up our roadmap, we wanted to tease some of the upcoming things we have planned for 2022. We understand DeFi composability is a core piece to build DeFi values, hence besides the core AMM feature, we also plan to build a pool-based stablecoin or stableswap pool depending on the community demand. This goes hand in hand with a lending service we will add, in addition to better and more active LP management tools or even an orderbook style DEX to address the problem of impermanent loss.

In conclusion, we hope you can see the vast amount of plans we have in store for our community in the following months. The fair auction launched through Skyward was only the beginning of Ref.Finance, and Ref.Finance is only the beginning of DeFi on NEAR, we look to achieve more together with all of you!

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Ref Finance

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