Ref Finance Collaborates with Metapool on stNEAR-wNEAR Pool

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2 min readOct 11, 2021

By Farming stNEAR on Ref Finance, LPs Can Gain Awesome REF Rewards

At Ref Finance, we are all about building community and establishing partnerships that excite our users and our fans. With that being said, we are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Meta Pool, NEAR’s first liquidity staking provider, on Ref Finance.

The collaboration will introduce the first stNEAR pool on Ref Finance’s Automated Market Maker (AMM): stNEAR-wNEAR. Now users will be able to swap between stNEAR and wNEAR, as well as provide liquidity for the pair, on Ref Finance.

This is another exciting development for Ref Finance and the NEAR ecosystem at large, as we continue to provide new ways for users to interact with DeFi platforms.


In collaboration with Meta Pool, Ref Finance is incentivizing the stNEAR-wNEAR liquidity pool for 60 days, which is a major opportunity for LPs to use their stNEAR tokens to earn REF tokens.

  • Dates: October 4th to December 2nd
  • Duration: 60 days
  • 1369 REF rewards per day

More details can be found in the proposal on Ref Finance’s governance forum.

Now, NEAR users can enjoy staking rewards on NEAR protocol, while also having stNEAR in their wallets to use for DeFi.

By combining Meta Pool’s ability to free up locked NEAR with Ref Finance’s AMM, we will see the NEAR ecosystem become more active in terms of liquidity and transactions. By participating in liquidity staking, the value of the NEAR ecosystem will continue to increase, as the utility of both stNEAR and REF drive more activity within the protocol, and produce a virtuous cycle.

This is an exciting development for Ref Finance as we expand the scope and influence of our AMM, while also broadening the reach of our community of REF holders.

If you are interested in learning more about this partnership, join an AMA on the topic of this collaboration on October 9th at Narwallet’s Discord Server to learn more.

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