Ref Finance Month in Review — October

Hey REFinians! Hope you’ve all had an awesome October!

October has been an incredibly productive month for us here at Ref Finance. There have been a number of exciting developments with our products, including new listings, new launches, TVL landmarks, and fun interactions with our community.

We wanted to give our fellow REFinians a complete rundown of the best of this month at Ref Finance.

After launching farming on Ref Finance in September, we took another leap forward by launching our Multi-Rewards Farm.

Multi-Rewards Farm Launch

Our unique Multi-Rewards Farming Program is a new variant of yield farming or liquidity mining whereby Ref Finance partners with different projects, and allocates a portion of the partner project’s native token towards incentivizing yield farmers. It is a farming method that will allow users to earn a partner token as well as $REF tokens.

Our first instalment of our Multi-Rewards Farm, you saw us partner with $PARAS, and we will continue to add new partners for farmers on Ref Finance to choose from.

Speaking of Farming on Ref Finance…

We Launched 3 New Farms

After the launch of six farms in September, we added three more new farms for our users.

They are:

  • $Paras — $NEAR
  • $stNEAR — $NEAR
  • $Hapi — $NEAR

After passing the $100 million total value locked mark on October 25th, our TVL now sits at over $110 million, more than a 50% rise since September, when our TVL was $70 million, a huge boost for us and our farmers at Ref Finance.

Ref has hit 15K farmers on October 31st, 2021!

In October, we also launched farming incentives for our users for the DAI-NEAR and USDt-NEAR farms to celebrate the launch announcement of Burrow, the first lending protocol on NEAR.

Our Community is Getting Stronger

Throughout October we put on a host of community-focused events, as we aim to foster a stronger connection between us at Ref Finance and our REFinians.

On October 7th, we teamed up with Coineasy for an AMA event with the Korean community, who welcomed Ref with great enthusiasm.

On October 8th, we opened up a Ref Finance X Paras Q&A with the launch of the Paras Multi-Rewards Farm.

Then, we launched the Ref Finance Quiz on our website on October 15th, in order to educate users on AMM DEXs and overall guide them on using Ref Finance.

New Listings

Throughout the month, we had a trio of new listings. First, $REF was listed on Then,, and finally on CoinMarketCap.

Now, you can find and keep up-to-date with $REF on a host of different price-tracking sites!

AMM Flash Analysis and New dApp UI Updates

Finally, Ref’s very own Didier Pironi wrote a wonderful and comprehensive analysis of AMMs, which you can find on our Medium page. This article gives an excellent overview of the landscape for AMMs today, and the direction that Ref is taking for the future.

Additionally, we made some stunning UI updates to our dApp recently, which we hope will benefit users as it would be easier to user Ref Finance for Swaps and Farming!

Feeling the DeFi Heat at NEARcon

Not to forget, in October we saw a major milestone for NEAR — the first physical event celebrating NEAR’s 1 year mainnet anniversary: NEARcon in Lisbon.

Kendall Cole (Proximity Labs) gave a talk on the state of DeFi on NEAR from the lens of Proximity Labs and Ref Finance. You can check the talk here at the 5:51:20 mark.

You can check the talk on Ref Finance at the 5:51:20 mark

Those swinging by the Swag Booth at NEARcon also could catch some Ref merch. (Shoutout to Swagger DAO!)

You can see the ref finance hat on display!

Thanks for being a part of Ref in October — and lookout for exciting new features coming soon in November!

About Ref Finance

Built on top of a leading edge protocol in NEAR, REF Finance acts as the gateway into the entire ecosystem through its AMM, which provides liquidity and swapping features for all decentralized application launching on NEAR. To do this, REF implements the renowned Rainbow Bridge which seamlessly bridges Ethereum based assets over to NEAR, thus bringing access for an array of DeFi users to lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

Make sure you are following us on Twitter for the latest news and announcements, and do make sure you join our Discord or Telegram for deeper levels of engagement with our Team and Community.




Ref Finance is the starting point to the NEAR Ecosystem with a leading AMM & a synchronous #DeFi Shard.

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Ref Finance

Ref Finance

Ref Finance is the starting point to the NEAR Ecosystem with a leading AMM & a synchronous #DeFi Shard.

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