Ref Tokenomics 2.0: veTokenomics on Testnet

Your LOVE gets your favourite pools boosted

Discover Ref Tokenomics 2.0

  • Deeper, stickier liquidity
  • Stronger bonding with the project in the long run
  • Optimizing incentives for token holders and farmers, thereby incentivizing real users

veTokenomics, with LOVE

Vote on Incentive Allocation with veLPT

Boost Farm Rewards with LOVE

A Win-Win for the Ecosystem

  • Better for traders: the power of the veToken incentivizes deeper, stronger liquidity
  • Better for liquidity providers: empowering LPs with governance rights
  • Better for ecosystem projects: a transparent way to build presence through an ecosystem-governed DEX
  • Better for the NEAR ecosystem: increase level of engagement in the community
  • Better for tokenholders: more utility to the $REF token, stronger bond with the growth trajectory of NEAR
  • Deeper liquidity
  • Retail participation
  • Higher price correlation with NEAR, and bond with NEAR’s growth
  • Market position and a ecosystem driven dex, and larger alignment with ecosystem project

What will happen to xRef holders?

Testnet Season — Mainnet is coming!



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Ref Finance

Ref Finance is the starting point to the NEAR Ecosystem with a leading AMM & a synchronous #DeFi Shard.